The main activities of SERG Co-op Inc at this time include:
October 2010 – Hazardous Waste Day Assistance
Some members of Serg Co-op Inc. assisted the Township of Terrace Bay in the conduct of its annual hazardous waste day which saw the collection fo materials like paint, stains, propane tanks, computers, printers, etc to be sent away for recycling.
June 2010 – Composting Class
A workshop was held on Wednesday June 23, 2010 with 9 participants that featured theoretical and practical information on backyard composting.  Participants were shown different techniques and equipment they could use generously donated for display by Terrace Bay Home Hardware.  As well, samples were donated from BB Worm Factories from Schreiber of worm castings generated from vermicomposting.
February 2010 – Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting is planned for Wednesday, February 17 at 7:00pm at the Terrace Bay Community Centre.  All are welcome.  The agenda includes : 1) Update on past/current activities, 2) Presentation of Co-op financials, 3) Discussion and feedback on future activities, 4) Election of board membersNominations for positions on the board can be presented ahead of time to or on the floor at the AGM. Currently four positions on the board are available for nomination.
January/February 2010 – 2010 Green Tradeshow Planning
We are organizing another Green Tradeshow and working with our amazing group of volunteers to make this years event even better than last year.
November 2009 – The Fourth Edition of the Newsletter
The fourth edition of the newsletter is available online and focuses on topics like a new local green business, diy cold room, the electric car update, and the Nolalu Eco Centre blog.
eptember/October 2009 – Project Planning
The board of SERG Co-op Inc. is working to develop short, mid, and long-term projects in the field of sustainable energy.  We are currently looking at a potential wind project and a solar demonstration project in the Terrace Bay/Schreiber region.
September 2009 – Membership Drive
SERG Co-op Inc needs new members and the board is inviting anyone interested to apply for membership.
July 2009 – The Third Edition of the Newsletter
The third edition is available online and focuses on topics like the green energy and economy act, the solar feed in tariff program, and the 2009 Green Tradeshow in Terrace Bay.
April/May 2009 – Organizing and Conducting the 2009 Green Tradeshow
SERG members initiated the Tradeshow and served on the steering committee.
March 2009 – Organizating a 2nd Green Tradeshow
SERG is organizing a Green Tradeshow similar to the one held in Schreiber in 2007.  The event will be the largest green themed tradeshow on the North Shore of Lake Superior and is scheduled for Saturday, May 2, 2009 from 12 noon to 4:00pm at the Terrace Bay Arena.
March 2009 – The Second Edition of the Newsletter
The second edition is available online and focuses on topics like geothermal, smart meters, and CFL mercury concerns.
February 2009 – Community Power Fund Application
An application to the Community Power Fund is being prepared to carry out a pre-feasibility study that will identify potential local sites for wind power development.
Fall 2008 – The First Edition of the Newsletter
Discussion on a newsletter began in Summer 2008 and became more refined in the Fall.
Summer/Fall 2008 – Creation of Marketing Materials 
SERG was successful in applying for funding towards the creation of marketing materials under a local initiatives grant from Superior North CFDC .  The grant provided for the design and printing of brochures, a tradeshow roll-up banner, a literature stand, and the cost of direct mailing a copy of the brochure to each household and business in Terrace Bay, Schreiber, and Rossport.
Summer 2008 – Letter to OSEA and RESOP
With the electricity transmission grid in Northwestern Ontario nearing full capacity, the Ontario Power Authority has suspended the Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program (RESOP) in our region.  The RESOP program provides a stable, attractive revenue stream to renewable projects under 10MW and without it many projects will not be considered.  SERG disagrees with limiting the potential for renewable energy projects in our region and drafted a letter to the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA) to lobby on our behalf .  The RESOP program has been highly successful in providing an incentive for renewable energy projects and is viewed as an effective means of developing green energy!
Summer 2008 – Strategic Planning
An initial planning session was held whereby board members discussed what they would like to see in the makeup of SERG and how they would like to see it progress.  The strategic planning session was facilitated internally by the Vice Chair and led to the formalizing of the SERG mission, vision, and values.  A rough discussion was also held regarding prospective future projects and roles for the organization, which will be better shaped in a planning session in October/November 2008.